Fixed Rate Remortgage

The fixed rate remortgage is one of the most popular mortgage products available to homeowners today. This is a plain and simple fact. As the UK is slowly but surely getting more and more into debt and the economy is anything but stable, more homeowners are beginning to struggle on variable mortgages. Many of those homeowners seriously consider a remortgage because it can buy them valuable breathing space and provide them with a cheaper mortgage to worry about every month. Keeping a roof over their heads in invariably heir priority and chances are that you are one of those people.

The fixed rate remortgage was not always as popular. In fact, a few years ago, when the economy was stable, many homeowners preferred to take the chance on a variable remortgage because fixed rate mortgages of any kind are always set a little above the interest rate set by the Bank of England at the time the papers were signed. However, with interest rates being unstable at the moment, the fixed rate does appeal.

The fixed rate remortgage not only gives you a stable mortgage product to rely on, it also gives you a fixed monthly repayment so you can budget accurately and will not be affected by any sudden interest rate rises. You can plan your finances for months ahead and will not get into any trouble because you know exactly where you stand with your home. It gives you that little extra financial freedom that rarely comes with a remortgage. The fixed rates can offer you all sorts of additional benefits but this s the main one. If you are already experiencing financial difficulty then this could be just the thing to get you back on track.