Remortgage Application

If you are considering applying for a remortgage in the near future then there is one or a few things you should know about the actual remortgage application. Many homeowners in need of a remortgage make one very common mistake – they underestimate how much time the application takes to go through. This mistake can cost them days or even weeks of a cheap deal when they need it, or it can cost them precious time if they need a little extra for debt consolidation or home improvements for example.

A remortgage application takes the same amount of time to go through as a regular mortgage, especially if you are switching providers, which is what generally happens when you take out a remortgage, or you want to borrow a little extra money. The process for both a remortgage and a mortgage is very, very similar, which is why you should prepare in exactly the same way. You should again provide all of the relevant financial details and be completely honest in your application, and you should offer proof to say that you can continue to pay all monthly amounts so that the lender will recoup the loan.

It is important to ensure that your remortgage application runs smoothly because a new provider or lender may well stall if there is a problem. All too often a remortgage is needed quickly and you must keep on top of it yourself. Find out about the process and ask when you will hear the decision of the lender as to whether your application has been successful. Do what you can to get it through before it becomes just another headache.